It's Vegan Week!, Day 3

I've consumed more water in the past 48 hours than I have in the last 4 to 8 years. I've devoured fruit and vegetables on an hourly basis. I'm tired, I'm bloated and I find myself in a ravenous animilastic state every 90 minutes. This Veganism thing is a very close parallel to Pregnancy. The only thing I'm lacking is fabulously perky breasts!
Last night's menu included Easy Potato Soup with a side of Basil & Onion Cannellini and some steamed broccoli. It looked beautiful, colorful, and healthy. And it tasted healthy... in a "Beautifully Bland"way.

Here's the link to the cannellinis, which were garlicy and flavorful(pictured above), but I found the overwhelming mouthfuls of cannellini beans a little too much bean texture for my personal meat-loving taste. http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2006/05/two-easy-dishes.html The recipe called for fresh basil and oregano, and I had fresh basil but substituted dried oregano which didn't adversely affect the yummy flavors at all. Next time I'd add a handful of peas or some other veggie (asparagus?)to break up the bean texture. The easy potato soup was pretty easy, http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2009/02/quick-and-easy-potato-soup.html, but the texture was more like glue and the flavor was pretty blaw. Maybe a do over with REAL CREAM, A PAT OF BUTTER and piles of salt would make those potatoes edible.
As for Vegan Day #2 and my state of mind, momma needs a nap(and some double fudgey brownies)! Like an anxious child awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus, Vegan Day #3 finds me giddy with excitement for the onset of my hyper cleansed digestive system to set me free...any minute now....I'm going to feel amazing....right?
I will say that I awoke this morning-at 5:18-and rose from bed with more energy than a three-toed sloth (which is my usual state on those mornings I drive to the pool for a swim). I even arrived home at 6:30 am to savor my incredibly healthy breakfast of whole grain oatmeal with pecans and dried fruit-without the usual mountain of brown sugar drowned in real cream.
On Day #1, this cleanse program compromised our strict rule on alcohol for a glass of wine.
On Day #2, we went TOTALLY clean and stuck to tea and juice (WTF?)
On Day #3, the organic free trade coffee jumped out of my kitchen cabinet on its own two feet and went about making a giant steaming pot of fresh pressed joe. And being the polite Vegan I am, I kindly accepted the hot mug and drank it down (without my usual cream, of course).

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