Officially Missing

I don't know where I've been lately, but it's not in cyberspace. So sorry to leave you hanging. Life picked me up by the ankles and swung me around like the Tilt-A-Whirl these past few weeks. I spent the entire day in my pajamas today, if that says anything, and I didn't even have the courtesy to stay at home.
If you spotted a bedraggled mom in SLO today dragging her two children around to the pediatricians' (cuz their sick again, big surprise) that was me.
I have so much to share but the task is utterly overwhelming, I don't know where to begin. So I'm not even gonna try right now. Right now, I'm going to close my weary eyes and get some much needed sleep before one of my sick, bronchitis, harking, snotty-nosed, ear infected children wake me up. Sweet Dreams.

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H said...

Poor thing! Hang in there. Hope you get some sleep and everyone gets better soon.