Sorry I've Been MIA Lately

They say that time is relative to the amount you've spent in it. The longer your life, the shorter each period of time feels. Young children with a few years under their belt feel like 5 minutes can last a lifetime. I must have time warped into my 90s because I swear the hours are passing like seconds lately!
I blinked and now it's Friday.
I'm ashamed to admit my excuses for being so hit and miss on my blogging lately. But here they are for good measure:
Thing #1 came down with serious attitude and signs of exhaustion on Sunday, a snotty nose on Monday, and a full blown fever on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Thing #2 continues to break glass with her screaming, and now also has a full blown snot factory cold. Needless to say we've been quarantined since Tuesday.
I cannot tell you how awful it is to be restricted to your home with two children for three days. We got weird. The house got unbearable in more ways than one. And the laundry got ignored...again.
We're on the mend, I'm bringing in the Grandparent troops and I'm taking off for a night away. Bring on the wine and the sanity. Halle-F&%$!-ing-llujah!

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NewportJaime said...

Hang in there with the kiddos.

When my daughter was an infant she was rambunctious and we thought for sure that in the future she was going become a menace. As she has gotten older, she has learned to harness her energy.