Shoes SUCK

This title does not apply to the owning and sporting of fabulous shoes. No, no, I am A BIG FAN of all that business. But the pairing of the right shoes for my bridesmaid dress has wrapped it's impending tentacles around my ankles and is dragging my down to the depths of cyberspace shoe shopping HELL!!! It's hot down here. And I'm nervous, and anxious. Can somebody get me outta here, please?!!! I've been here for a long time.... Help!!
Here's my dress in light flamingo (it's silk taffeta).

I really want to add a flower to the waist band on the side-it feels more like "me". That would make the dress look like this:

Now here's my dilemma: The bride, my wonderful sister, has given me plenty of shoe options: pink, muted gold or a light/nude brown beige. But for some asinine reason, all I am drawn to is deep purple fabulous shoes, like these:

And a little part of me says, hey, they look cute, it'll be fine. BUT, the bride despises the color purple. I mean, doesn't want anything to do with it in her wedding, or on her maid of honor's feet. Oh, and the wedding party is in shades of pinks, khakis, some white, you get the point-LIGHT colors.

My stipulation to finding the right shoe is this: I don't want to buy a pair of shoes I will NEVER wear again. Even if they're $29.99 and perfectly conservative for this little j.crew number. My closet space is extremely limited and I don't need some ghetto grandma pump taking up space in there with my beloved shoe collection. I'm open for suggestion. Anyone?


NewportJaime said...

Suggestions off the top of my head:

> Shoes that match the bouquet always work for a wedding.

> Dyeable shoes like these would be great for a summer wedding (On sale right now! I paid full price!)


Coloriffics will dye them for 12 bucks.

> Site I used.


> I LOVE weddings!

H said...

Oooh those are so cute. Is there any such thing as temporary shoe paint? Oh, that reminds me, I actually did paint my shoes for my wedding, I found this beautiful pair of heals I liked and I forget what color they were but I painted them white. It must have been some kind of shoe polish spray. It worked really well and you couldn't even tell. But purple is awesome (my personal favorite color), too bad they won't work.

JO said...

I have just decided that I love those purple shoes. I just purchased a mostly green dress with a little bit of purple in it and I think I have to have those shoes...where did you find them...too bad we don't have the same size foot!