The Teeny Houdini

Yep, my second daughter's stubborn streak is going to earn me a visit from Child Protective Services.
Case in point, after a late arrival to swim lessons, followed by a lightning path to farmer's market for much needed vegetables (performed at mock speed), and then the added trip to the paint store for samples, it's no surprise this mommy was a frantic mess in need of a cocktail and a foot massage by the time we got home.
After surviving a torturous 49 minutes in the paint store, complete with one death defying escape into the parking lot while I wasn't looking (WHAT?!?!), we exited with $60 worth of samples and two punctured latex gloves (don't ask). The clerk was happy to see us go and I could only apologize for the millionth time regarding the puddled water all over the floor. Who puts a water dispenser in the middle of their store for every child to self serve at their will?
Needless to say, when we screeched into the driveway at 5:28, I gathered the groceries and made my move to whip up something for dinner before things really got ugly.
"NOOOOO!!!!!!!!" screamed Ana, with every ounce of her almost two year old being. WHo knerw the kid could spend three hours in the car and given the chance, opted for MORE!? So I did what every frazzled, spent, impatient mother does at this point-I shrugged my shoulders, readjusted my grocery bags and left.
Shelby and I made our way into the house, started dinner and left Ana to her own vices in my car. I could have cared less where she painted the mascara from my emergency makeup bag. The car doors were closed, I had a view of the vehicle from my post in the kitchen, and I was busying myself with steamed broccoli and chicken, and the most fabulous high calorie invention Trader Joe's has ever offered, Trader Giotta's Frozen Fettucini (don't just buy one!).
Just about the time I was making my way to the front door to check on my little stubborn second, she was making her way in...huh?!
I spotted the tear stained cheeks before she made it into the living room. I picked her up and held her tight to my chest, feeling her tiny heartbeat like a drum as I stared outside at the car-which had every door closed. HUH?! How the...what the...where did she...?????!!???
So Shelby, Ana (who was now permanently suctioned to my hip) and I, headed outside to inspect the evidence of our Teeny Houdini Escape.
Sure enough, every door was closed except for the passenger door, which was the slightest bit cracked.
"Did you open that door yourself and climb out, Ana?" I pondered.
And then her lip quivered and she muttered, "Yeah, that door."
I am so fired.

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