Kindergarten Countdown

I'm counting down the last two days before I walk my little four year old down the halls of a public school and launch her into the next 14 years of conforming American education.
Mixed emotions on this one-lots of 'em.
The last week has been a whirlwind of busy-ness, drinking down the last rays of summer vacation, entertaining more house guests, collecting and organizing wardrobe and school supplies, and of course, my favorite practice, "Kinder-Cramming".
I'm sure every parent does this(right?!). It's the last week before she starts school and I'm testing her on her letters and sounds, practicing writing her last name, singing and repeating my cel phone number, our address, her hometown, counting backwards. It's like I have a burning desire to impart every bit of Kinder knowledge on her before she gets there. Or maybe it's just the fact that I know what will be expected of her.
As we drove to Target for her backpack I injected her with tidbits of information, "Shelby, you're going to kindergarten to listen and learn lots of important things. You won't know everything, and you will get frustrated, but all the kids in your class will feel the same way." Minutes would pass as she silently chewed on my mommy advice. And then, "Oh, we'll have to pack your lunch every night before we go to school!" Or, "You're going to meet so many new friends! And you'll know Abbi, she'll be there in the classroom next door, and you'll see her on the playground!"
This afternoon we passed the hours away clearing her closet of stained and worn out clothing to make room for the "Fall Collection" I had packed away for this very purpose. The New School Wardrobe-shoes, coats, underwear, socks. I began collecting kid clothes for this purpose in early May. So we pulled it all out to hang on hangers and fold in her drawers, and apparently, if you hide clothes in a dark space, they multiply. In fact, it seems we have eliminated all but three old items in her closet. Yeah, we can say OVERKILL.
I'm even more embarrassed to admit that the little fashionista has a birthday coming up which just screams "Closet Remodel".
"Hey Daddy, can I have a 'walk-in' for my 5th birthday, please?"
Oh yeah,

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