Shiny Rock Syndrome

A few days ago I described my case of Shiny Rock Syndrome, the opposite of OCD. It was such a poignant article that BlogHer even advertised it. Educating the public about this illness is the first step in finding a cure. Millions of people are suffering from this sickness right now! As an illustration of my life as an SRS victim, here is how my day went:
1. Pour a cup of coffee, go to get the cream
2. Notice there is a plate of old leftovers to be thrown away
3. At trashcan, notice all the dishes from yesterday filling the sink, clean one and open the dishwasher, which is full. Stop. Remember the cup of coffee, get the cream
4. Shop online for new used cars
5. Get distracted by some advertisement for airline flights
6. Begin budgeting for my family trip cross country in New Zealand-I have miles enough to buy TWO tickets already!! And the price of a motor coach hire is only $1500/week!
7. Remember my children's book idea from yesterday-open a Word page and begin writing my book about Sam's affinity for sweets
8. Answer the phone
9. Begin the mountain of dishes in my sink
10. Pick up Shelby from kindergarten, go to the bank
11. Finish writing my book
12. Call my sister to tell her about my book
13. Color with the girls, and draft what my character, Sam, might look like
14. Write a letter to a publishing house
15. Call my mom, I'm really excited about this book
16. Edit the book
17. Make dinner
18. Bathe the kids while editing the book
19. Burn the mac and cheese I forgot about on the stove
20. Make more dinner
21. Get kids out of bath but leave them naked, get distracted by recent emails
22. Clean up Ana's pee on the floor, dress girls in pajamas

This is a life of distraction and little efficiency. Please, help stop SRS. Call or send your donation to Cultured Nativity, 1234 Besting Way, Shell Beach, California, 1-800-STOP-SRS

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