My Talented KinderGirl

Shelby's kindergarten teacher corralled me after school the other day and demanded my cel phone number.

"I want to send you something and I want to see your reaction! It made my day and I sent it to a friend who works in the corporate world and hates her job. She'll just want to quit knowing I get to do this every day!"

So, with obvious anxiety, I awaited the arrival of her forward to my cel phone as we stood on the playground after school.

What I received was the following video of my daughter at recess.

The kindergarten teacher had attached the message she sent to her corporate friend, "I love my job! Here is to loving life." And as I watched with love and pride, I could hear Shelby's voice in my head telling me how she was the only one who couldn't do the monkey bars at school. Coordination doesn't seem to be her problem:)


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NewportJaime said...

The next thing you know, she will be hanging ten like her mother and father!