The Perfect Quest:Leather Boots

I've been on a quest for the perfect pair of leather boots for about 7 years now. So far, I've accumulated one pair of nearly perfect brown suede wedge knee highs (Nine West), an incredibly uncomfortable but very sexy black suede Michael Kors stilleto boot, and nearly a year's worth of wasted hours spent obsessing online for the perfect leather boot. Not too frumpy, not too sexy, not too simple, not too uncomfortable.
I've pined for a pair of Campers. Swooned over Stuart Weizmann's. And drooled for LD Tuttle. And recently, as the hours accumulated and what's left of my good reason dwindled, I eyed a pair of $1200 perfect leather boots.
And I am wondering, "If I hocked my shorts and bought this seemingly perfect pair of debt ridden black leather boots ...if my husband didn't shit his own eyeballs first...and slipped them onto my feet, would something inside me feel different? Would I see the world through the same rose colored glass every owner of $1200 shoes does? After all, it would be like roller skating across a lifetime of dollar bills, right?"
Well, it's almost midnight and I didn't put those $1200 leather boots in my shopping cart (so I could close the window and they'd disappear).
I decided that one dollar bills aren't supportive enough for the lifetime of my feet. I'll just have to keep looking.


NewportJaime said...

Go for it! Tell hubby they are a Columbus Day gift for yourself.

Anonymous said...

If you wear them for the next 12 years, it's only $100 per year.