Smart Moves

I've done a few stupid things in my parenting career...like leaving the baby in the cart while I loaded a 6-pack of beer in the car only to realize that the cart had rolled away and down a curb....it's a miracle my children have survived all my idiot moves. But, Murphy and I agree that for every action there lies an opposite and equal reaction.
And the opposite, and completely intelligent things I've done lately are listed below:
#1. Hired a house cleaner. (So I can like my children again)
#2. Arranged for a weekly babysitter so I can work (because juggling kids and clients gives me the sweats).
#3. Enforced time-outs based on "Age Minutes". And when she can't stay in her room for 5 minutes, she loses privileges like gymnastics class, or riding her bike. It works.
#4. Signed my girls up for gymnastics and ballet class. Activities that fill those cranky hours before dinner.
#5. Did I mention I hired a house cleaner?
#6. Used the iPod and earbuds to survive those cranky hours before dinner. Pop those babies in and my girls can scream their heads off for all I care, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" really gets me in the groove for putting the dishes away!

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Good for you!