Catching The Red Eye

I was sitting at a crowded art table in my daughter's kindergarten classroom. It was free choice time and there was a gaggle of little hens gathered around this table, amass in construction paper and glue. They chatted at each other, never bothering to make conversation interlace.
"Ava's in Hawaii right now."
"I'm going to make my mom a crown!"
"Where did the glue stick go?"
"I like cookies with milk."
Seriously, it was like listening to dinner conversation between my sister and my mom and I. Where each woman is coughing up the first thing that crosses her mind without any regard for relevance. Listening was optional.
One little precocious blond turned to me and said, "Ava went to Hawaii," and then she yanked at her lower eyelid and continued, "She got The Red Eye."
(Apparently an overnight flight to Hawaii was a literal experience in a kindergartner's mind)


NewportJaime said...

I have a habit of doing the same thing.

Fortunately, my husband thinks it is charming.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! When Ellie and I landed in El Salvador she said "mommy, why is it called a red eye?" I said, "becasue you fly through the night so sometimes it makes you tired". She said, "but why do they call it a red-eye? Is it because your eyes (looking at mine) have a bunch of red cracks in them?"....YES...well there you have it!!