To My Daughter

If ever you wondered what you were like when you were five I'd have this to say: These days, you spend more time practicing head stands than you do standing on your feet! You are obsessed with dessert, a treat after every meal. You're a kind hearted soul who does not strike back. You are a cuddle bug, especially in the morning. Your temper is more often sweet and mellow. But you have your feisty days, too. You're always quick to rebound, from a setback, a tantrum, or even a booboo. You own 13 pairs of shoes, a sure bet to your fashionable future, and thoroughly delight in the coordinating of everyday outfits. Falling asleep is a knack you have mastered. Your sister is your best friend and on many nights the two of you are chatting or spying together from your room. Your love for art and music has been apparent early on, but more recently you have shined in all coloring, painting, cutting and creating. Your kinder afternoons, during "Selection Time", are ALWAYS spent at the art table making books, headbands and paper dolls with matching outfits. Singing is a habit and your self made rhyming songs will forever impress me. You love your long hair and "big girl fringe". I love you more than life itself. I look forward to watching you grow up, but equally wish I could freeze you in time to enjoy you just as your are; small, sweet and perfect.
XOXO Your Mommy


Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

I love this! Such a nice idea. You make me want to write to my kids now.

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H said...

That is so sweet. You really have a way with words.