Writer's Block?

Don't have much of an explanation for my long absence. A sad tragedy. A whole in my heart. An evaluation of life and family. A new found joy in holiday. A zest to simplify. Getting pummeled with a gazillion illnesses. A lack of motivation. A desire to organize my closets. A wonderful point in life just waiting to be recorded. Guilt for disappearing.
Let's just say I'm back.


tj said...

I wondered what happened to you. Glad to hear you are coming back!!! I miss finding out what I'm missing. Love you and thanks for the photo, I loved it.

NewportJaime said...

Hey! I missed reading your comical view of motherhood.

Grandmamala said...

Glad you are back...I missed you.

XOXOX The Neighba

Anonymous said...

YAY YAY YAY...I Missed you!! I kept checking...!! Miss you, Amber