My Toddler:Bossy Betty

The lights were out, the house was dark and quiet, when suddenly, the silence was broken by the pitter patter of little feet followed by the slip of a slinky blanket dragging behind her.
"Mommy," she half barked half whispered, "You nod gonna sleepin yo' bed. You gonna sleep in my bed."
And there was a pause as I opened my eyes to realize this was not a dream. That my orders were being barked from a blond 3 foot tall Drill Sargent.
"COME!" yelled the little voice from beside my bed.


krystina said...

oh no, in that little bed? poor mama! aren't we moms so tired? someday i'll get sleep - i often fantasize about it :)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Oh my word does this sound super familiar. Super....wow.