Why Does Everyone Want to Be The Mommy?

I was drawn back into the bathroom (Yes, I left my daughters alone in the bathtub. There. I admitted it.) by shrieks and squabbles that sounded something like this:
"No, Ana, I want to be the mommy!"
My two year old whined back with equal gusto, "NO! I be da MOMMYYY!!!"

And I wondered to myself while this ear piercing scene unfolded, "Why would anyone want to be the mommy?"
Could it be the terribly relaxing outings of buckling and unbuckling multiple car seats while balancing a diaper/wipes/snacks/sippy -laden purse on one shoulder and pinning the other child to the car in hopes of avoiding a parking lot accident. Only to arrive at whatever public place for another publicly humiliating scene where her children empty the basket of lipsticks on aisle 4, knock down a display of macaroni n'cheese and then proceed to rearrange the greeting card section. When she arrives home she realizes she forgot to pick up the prescription she went there for in the first place.
Oh no, it's got to be those amazingly romantic dinners where Mommy touches her sagging buttocks to the dining chair for 2 seconds before someone demands another cup of water or a different fork. Where everyone in the family devours the food Mommy slaved over for the past two hours without so much as a "Wow, you're an amazing cook! This meal is the most delicious thing I've had all day! THANK YOU!" or simply put, "You Rule, Mommy." Mommy jumps up and down like a Jack-In-The-Box while the rest of her family sits, eats and converses. When they've finished, the table strewn with empty plates and cups, she can shovel her cold meal alone while downing a lukewarm beer. Then Mommy gets to tackle the dinner dishes and THEN round up the kids for bedtime.
Remind me why everyone wants to be the mommy? It's not like Mommies are ever in control. Or get to do what they wish? Why doesn't anyone ever want to be the Daddy? I think he's got it pretty good. He not only leaves the house alone, but he's in charge of himself and several others all day long!! And he goes out for lunch with other adults. What more could we ask for? These poor children have been mislead. Who wants to be the Daddy?!?! I do.


Erin said...

me too! Daily lunches with adults they have no idea what we would give for that!!!

NewportJaime said...

What I would give to have dinner served to me every night!

NewportJaime said...

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JO said...

here! here!
I say on mother's day, we should all get to be the daddy!

Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

That's so funny. It's true, they always want to be the mommy. Yeah, and daddys "babysit" their kids when mom isnt home. LOL

Anonymous said...

heh. My Hubby was a househusband for 11 years, until I asked to switch back. Either way, it's a trade-off. Barbara