I'm Not Ready For Kindergarten!

Dear Ana,
You've grown so fast in just five years and I can hardly believe you're walking into Kindergarten tomorrow morning.  I thought this day would never arrive, and now I find that I'm completely unprepared. 
We have talked all summer about this big step in your life, you becoming a big kid.   We've read the library books, stocked your closet, picked your outfit and packed your lunch.  We've even talked about how you're feeling a little scared for what tomorrow will bring.
Tonight, you chatted about making plans for your kinder preparedness, "Maybe Shelby can get me and Caroline (your friend) and teach us all about kindergarten in some lessons, Mommy."
I realized I wasn't ready as soon as we walked into the Kinder Round-Up yesterday.  You leaned against me as we met your teacher.  And I found myself nervously fiddling with your tiny blonde french braids.  I found your hand and held on tight as we wandered the room, decorating your cubby, putting up your picture, observing the play yard. 
I've done this before, I did kindergarten with your sister, Shelby, 3 years ago.  And that time, it was me that was completely nervous about kindergarten.  Not Shelby, she never looked back.  This time, you and I are partners, equally apprehensive about the start of this new school year.  But you're more prepared and me, I'm Not Ready For Kindergarten.   

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