I Survived The Holidays 2008

That's what my T-Shirt says today. We just backed into the driveway and tilted a giant dump truck of Christmas Booty into our living room. It looks like WW4, Elves vs. Parents.
Then the phone rang.
The In-Laws are on their way over to exchange (more) gifts. Christmas #2.
I had nearly convinced myself that we could find space in our teeny house for all this stuff when I realized I'd forgotten an entire half of the family!!!!
With just enough time to survey the damage before revving up for hyper clean mode, I grabbed a cocktail in one hand, stuffed a sugar cookie in my mouth, and grabbed the broom. I friggin love the holidays. "GET THE VACUUM CLEANER, JOHN!"
Well, I have loved returning home to find a slew of hilarious comments from everyone. I have three and a half more minutes before Santa's sleigh craps all over my house again. That guy can be a real nuisance to my sanity. It Ain't Over Yet.