Thirst...A First!

As Day #3 of Vegans R Us comes to a close, I have reflected on a new sensation: thirst. I very rarely drink, crave, or enjoy water. It's just something in my DNA that is completely repulsed by a glass of water. I'll drink juice, coffee, tea or BEER any old time, but water?! Why? It's so ... blah.
After three days of consciously consuming 64 ounces of H 2 O every 12 waking hours, I have somehow reprogrammed my digestive system to actually crave water. Dare I say it, Sam I Am? I do so like that water, man!


It's Vegan Week!, Day 3

I've consumed more water in the past 48 hours than I have in the last 4 to 8 years. I've devoured fruit and vegetables on an hourly basis. I'm tired, I'm bloated and I find myself in a ravenous animilastic state every 90 minutes. This Veganism thing is a very close parallel to Pregnancy. The only thing I'm lacking is fabulously perky breasts!
Last night's menu included Easy Potato Soup with a side of Basil & Onion Cannellini and some steamed broccoli. It looked beautiful, colorful, and healthy. And it tasted healthy... in a "Beautifully Bland"way.

Here's the link to the cannellinis, which were garlicy and flavorful(pictured above), but I found the overwhelming mouthfuls of cannellini beans a little too much bean texture for my personal meat-loving taste. http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2006/05/two-easy-dishes.html The recipe called for fresh basil and oregano, and I had fresh basil but substituted dried oregano which didn't adversely affect the yummy flavors at all. Next time I'd add a handful of peas or some other veggie (asparagus?)to break up the bean texture. The easy potato soup was pretty easy, http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2009/02/quick-and-easy-potato-soup.html, but the texture was more like glue and the flavor was pretty blaw. Maybe a do over with REAL CREAM, A PAT OF BUTTER and piles of salt would make those potatoes edible.
As for Vegan Day #2 and my state of mind, momma needs a nap(and some double fudgey brownies)! Like an anxious child awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus, Vegan Day #3 finds me giddy with excitement for the onset of my hyper cleansed digestive system to set me free...any minute now....I'm going to feel amazing....right?
I will say that I awoke this morning-at 5:18-and rose from bed with more energy than a three-toed sloth (which is my usual state on those mornings I drive to the pool for a swim). I even arrived home at 6:30 am to savor my incredibly healthy breakfast of whole grain oatmeal with pecans and dried fruit-without the usual mountain of brown sugar drowned in real cream.
On Day #1, this cleanse program compromised our strict rule on alcohol for a glass of wine.
On Day #2, we went TOTALLY clean and stuck to tea and juice (WTF?)
On Day #3, the organic free trade coffee jumped out of my kitchen cabinet on its own two feet and went about making a giant steaming pot of fresh pressed joe. And being the polite Vegan I am, I kindly accepted the hot mug and drank it down (without my usual cream, of course).


To Vegan or Not to Vegan...

This is the question. In an attempt to cleanse our liver, kidneys and colon, John and I increased our fiber intake with leafy greens and plenty of veggies, fruit and water. Because we have only a few ounces of will power, we agreed to only five days of this preliminary training. We eliminated meat, dairy and alcohol...wait, did I say alcohol?

So after an entire day of countless glasses of water, handfuls of raw trail mix, more fruit and veggies and intentional circling of the last cold beer in my fridge-Okay, okay, we crumbled, BUT we made an official pact. After only 12 hours, "Mr. Hollywood" unexpectedly blew into town on our first day of "Cleanse Mode" and so we did what every normal Non-Vegan person would do...we folded, we crumbled, for a bottle of Primo Zinfandel to accompany our strange Vegan meal...which needed red wine. Do Vegans drink wine? So now, on this strange cleansing mode, we're batting two for three.
So what did we eat for dinner? From the FatFree Vegan Kitchen, here's the link, http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2006/09/taco-salad.html and a look at the Taco Salad I attempted to replicate:

We served this with grilled asparagus doused in lime, tossed on the barbecue and sprinkled with my new best spice friend, Trader Joe's Lemon Pepper.

We devoured the food. But who's to say if it was actually edible because we were starving. More to follow.


Holy Colon!

I got a wild hair today (and yes, it most definitely originated in my ass because that's the whole point of this story). So I got this wild hair to do a five day detoxification/colon/kidney cleanse. I know, I am loco.
So I googled "Natural Five Day Cleanse" and found some interesting articles about natural ways to cleanse the body in five days or less (5 days is all I can commit to because my weekends are in no way meant to be restricted). Additionally, I learned a few things about regularity, bowel movements, and my colon which I could live without. I just have the urge to purge, spring cleaning of the body, if you will. I want to detox my bod. Simple as that.
Because there is a diverse range of extremes in the cleansing world, from lemon juice and just plain old FASTING (isn't that practice reserved for those disciple guys in the Bible? I mean, who does THAT?) to self contained kits priced in the hundreds of dollars which come in fancy purple cardboard briefcases with a multitude of pills and a few shiny DVDs to talk you through entire eight months of cleansing every organ in your body, even your gall bladder! It was all so confusing!
The article I found most helpful was this one, http://ezinearticles.com/?A-Rejuvenating-5-Day-Body-Cleanse-Detox-Plan-To-Keep-You-Going&id=424595. And after reading it, John and I agreed on our own personal Self-Cleanse Approach to the upcoming five days which I will share with you:
Consuming 64 ounces of water each day, eliminating all fats (oils, butters, etc.) and any processed foods including dairy and meat. Our main focus being on fibrous natural foods, no alcohol (OMG), other items we will allow for consumption are juices, fruits, vegetables, legumes, potatoes and simple whole grains such as rolled oats (what the hell do you do with plain oatmeal?), and brown rice. Monday through Friday. Did I mention no alcohol? (OMG!).
Some items we are considering but have not yet decided upon are the daily addition of psillium (a natural laxative which could add some complications...), introducing Probiotics after the first 2 days to boost our digestive system, and the use of coffee. This last item is a hot topic because both of us enjoy the routine doctoring of our morning cupS of coffee: steamed milk or cream, sugar, the occasional shot of whiskey... We haven't decided if black coffee is really worth the added "toxins" or if plain green tea is an acceptable alternative.
I read that people claim they need less sleep during a cleansing period because it requires less energy to break down all the meats and other fatty hard-to-digest items of the average daily diet. With this information, I have renewed hope that our laundry might finally get done.
More information to follow, namely, what the hell we will be eating over the next five days!

Good Vibrations

Ride a bike. Greet a neighbor. Hug a friend. Send someone flowers. Emanate positive karma, the world could use more.