Does PMS Leave you cranky and crampy? Take the RAW food challenge

I just finished a one month cycle of increased raw food in my diet in hopes of alleviating the severities of PMS. I know, I know, this is a little TMI but somebody has to talk about it and I'm here to further embarrass and expose myself in cyberspace. Self worth is over-rated.
For the past four weeks, I have spent the majority of my weekdays chopping, slicing and whisking up dinners for myself and my man. Eliminating meat, wheat, most dairy, and anything cooked. Think fruit, citrus salads, leafy greens and lots of raw nuts. My exceptions to this RAW food madness was yogurt and eggs and occasionally serving a side of germinated rice or organic couscous along with dinner. Oh, and in case you were wondering, wine, beer and vodka DO fall in the category of RAW food. Especially when served with a slice of lime or some speared green olives. My goal was to reduce the cramping, throbbing legs, backaches, exhaustion and whatever other joyous symptoms arrive every month in my feminine world.
Weekends were exempt because, well, between fourth of July and various vacations, it wasn't my goal to wander around social events making a spectacle of my-raw-self, refusing to nibble from the cheese plate or denying myself steak and potatoes....instead carrying a hemp hewn satchel full of jicama sticks and sprouted garbanzos while chanting my mantra and showing off my lotus position. And no, I haven't grown out my armpit hair just yet.
Oh, the point of all this is that I have some results to share!
Pre RAW, Aunt Flo always brought along a variety of relatives: Crampy, Throbbing, Achy and Sleepy. And she'd hang around for at least 7 days!! Today I stand before you with Aunt Flo on her 5th and final day of visitation, a very midget version of Throbbing in tow and no other visitors!! "Don't let the door hit ya on your way out!!"
With all this good news to share, I feel compelled to take an even deeper plunge into the world of RAW in my excitement. Maybe I'll add another day of my weekend to the RAW regiment...Sunday? Maybe I'll experiment with more coconut milk. Maybe I'll stop shaving...
Well, anyway, if Aunt Flo is your monthly nemesis, or you care to take a stab at any other bothersome ailments (migraines, diabetes, hypertension, varicose vein pain) you might dip your toes into a RAW dish regiment and see what miracles you can find.
I'd love to hear more stories of RAW miracles if you have them. And don't forget to abandon those razors, while you're at it.