A Perfect Ending

Day three of single parenting while husband working in San Diego.
Torrential Rains here.
Morning carpool.
Late again.
Tardy warning.
Coffee splashed on floor of car.
Volunteer work in kinder class.
Paint on my blouse. Paper cut.
Race home to get youngest.
Race back to pick up oldest.
Rainy day schedule=monster children.
Tired and cranky monsters to Trader Joe's.
World War IV before we get through parking lot.
World War VI in frozen food aisle.
Checkout disaster.
The checker won't offer "3 bells", no bag boy in his right mind will accompany us outside.
Disheveled, tired and crankier monsters back through parking lot.
More rain.
More wind.
Deep breaths.
Call husband to complain.
Husband describes surf and golf day followed by wine tasting in sunny San Diego.
More deep breaths.
Pay visit to sick, ancient grandma.
Hospital doors open, my girls begin snotting and hacking. Perfect.
Leave hospital.
Bickering on the brink of WW VIII.
Can't believe we have 2 more days without daddy.
Did he say he was eating breakfast at 11 this morning?
Rear end Toyota in front of us.
Perfect Ending to the Perfect Day.
Deep breathing.


My Toddler:Bossy Betty

The lights were out, the house was dark and quiet, when suddenly, the silence was broken by the pitter patter of little feet followed by the slip of a slinky blanket dragging behind her.
"Mommy," she half barked half whispered, "You nod gonna sleepin yo' bed. You gonna sleep in my bed."
And there was a pause as I opened my eyes to realize this was not a dream. That my orders were being barked from a blond 3 foot tall Drill Sargent.
"COME!" yelled the little voice from beside my bed.