Happy 2 Years!

You came into this world just two years ago today, and I can't seem to recount my life without you. You arrived like you had been here all along. Your big sister cried for you to "hurry up!" when you refused to make your grand entrance on time.
August 13th, 2007 seemed as though it lasted forever, the day you were born. Your dad and I met at the hospital (after lunch of course) for the induction. Nurses and doctors were in awe of my fruitless labor, already dilated 4 cm before setting foot in the delivery room. But you waited, a hint at your comedic timing, until every grandma, aunt and uncle teetered at my feet for a glimpse at your tiny face. You've always been a party animal and midnight seemed to be your lucky hour. Your sister never left your side the first time she saw you. Shelby spent 8 hours at the hospital that day and begged to stay the night with "baby sister".
You have delighted us all with your contagious smile, your sense of humor, your happy little person. You are a gift of spirit and sweetness. You host a shock of white hair upon your head, and rosy cheeks beneath the blue eyes your father gave you. You adore your sister just as much as she does you, you are adventurous and thoughtful. A singer, a dancer, a monkey, at times. You somersaulted into my heart from the moment I saw you. Happy Birthday, my baby girl. I am so delighted to be on this journey of life with your hand in mine.


Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you. I have so much to thank you for: for providing me with a wonderful childhood, for showing me your zest for adventure, for being an incredible role model, a loving mother, my best friend. Thank you for sharing the same cel phone service so I can call you several times a day just to hear your voice, thanks for sharing your love for dark chocolate, literature, nature, all bodies of water, fresh air, music, happiness, and yes, even the habit of conversing with myself. Thanks and happy birthday!


The Morning Fur

It was 7:30 in the morning and the mommy alarm had gone off in the girls' room again, sounding like this, "Mommmyyy! Mommmmyyyyyy! Mommmyyy! I swear, I can't seem to find the snooze button on those two things.
Ana wasn't totally upright in her crib, so I made my way over to Shelby who was sitting up at the end of her bed (this is her migratory landing spot each morning after having traversed the entirety of her mattress throughout the night).
And then she professed a description to make any mother proud:
"Mommy," she grumbled, "my tongue is hairy."